This section addresses the frequently asked questions from Grand Chase players. The list will be updated on a regular basis.


How do I migrate from GameRage to KOG Games and continue playing GrandChase?

First, you must have a KOG Games account that you can migrate your GameRage in-game info to.
Important: Your KOG Games account is different from your GameRage account. If you do not have a KOG Games account yet, please create one here: http://myaccount.elswordonline.com/registration

 Once you have a KOG Games account, follow these steps to migrate:

  1. To complete the migration process, visit the Grand Chase Migration Center. You will be asked to log in with your KOG Games account first if you are not logged in yet.
  2. Click the Gamerage button to migrate your GC Gamerage account to your KOG Games account.
  3. Enter your GameRage username and password in the appropriate fields to migrate your Gamerage account. Check the tickbox to agree and click Confirm.


  4. That’s it! You may then log into our Grand Chase game client with your KOG Games account and see your old characters there.
      • I can’t log into the game!When logging into the game, make sure you are using your KOG Games account. (Hint: Login using an email address.)


      • I logged in and my stuff isn’t there!Send us a ticket to Game Support along with your IGN and we’ll look into the issue.


      • How long will migration be around for?
        It will be available for a few months. Not everyone who signed up for migration will migrate right away. To allow everyone time to migrate their accounts, the page will be up for the time being. When the time comes to take it down, we will make sure to let everyone know ahead of time.


      • Can I use my GameRage username and password to login to Grand Chase/KOG Games?
        No. We only ask you for your GameRage login details when processing your account migration, but only after you have logged into your KOG Games account on our website. To play this version of Grand Chase, please use your KOG Games account. Create a KOG Games account here


      • Why do I need to create a new account?
        Your GameRage account is different from your KOG Games account. You will need a KOG Games account in order to play this version of Grand Chase.


      • Help! I forgot my GameRage password.
        Unfortunately, we cannot process your account migration until you have provided us with your GameRage username and password. You may try to retrieve your GameRage password through GameRage.


      • When I try to log in, my account is banned. What do I do?
        If your account was banned over at GameRage before migration, you will likely find it in that same state after migrating to KOG Games’ Grand Chase. Please watch out for future announcements regarding banned (migrated) accounts.


      • I logged into the game before completing the migration!
        We have made it so that this would not be possible. However, if you have somehow accomplished this, you will have to create a new KOG Games account to migrate your previous GameRage account over to.


      • I can’t see the migration page, or the page doesn’t load!
        First make sure your browser allows pop-ups. If that is not the issue, then try using a different browser. If the issue persists, send us a ticket to Game Support.


      • I have a Name Change Card and I can’t change my name!
        The name you are attempting to change it to might already be taken by another member of the community. Currently, all names of people who have migrated and have not migrated still exist in our servers. We’ll be looking into different solutions on how we may try to free up some pre-existing names for the community.


      • Can I use my Elsword Online account to play Grand Chase?
        Yes, absolutely! If you are a current Elsword Online player, then you are using a KOG Games account and you can use the same login details to play Grand Chase and complete the account link/migration.



  • Can I still play Grand Chase if my account is banned in Elsword?
    Yes, provided that you are accessing Grand Chase from one of our service areas. While you can use the same KOG Games account for both of our games, access authorization to our Elsword and Grand Chase servers are mutually exclusive. For instance, if you are currently banned in Elsword, it does not mean that you are also banned in Grand Chase, and vice versa.


    • Help! I can’t jump a character!
      All characters that are level 70 and above cannot be jumped. Make sure that the character you are trying to jump is not already level 70. You can X out of the event and go back to it again later. Also, there is an issue with Mari not being able to jump. This will be resolved shortly.


    • Where is Season 5?!
      As a company, we have decided to hold off on the implementation of Season 5. During this time, we are focusing on making sure the servers are stable and there are no major issues before proceeding with a big update like Season 5. No worries though, it will be here before you know it!


    • When does the 5x EXP and 2x Item Drop Rate start?
      Event starts at 3:00 pm PDT and ends at 6:00 pm PDT, please make sure to check the times for your region.


    • I still have Nightmare Circus Tickets and or other event train tickets!
      Nightmare Circus event wasn’t removed properly, so tickets may still be dropping. We will have them removed during the next maintenance.


Any other issues that were not answered in this FAQ should be directed to our Support Page. http://support.elswordonline.com/

Thank you!

Grand Chase Team