Basic Info:

Name: Veigas Terre
Age: Too old to calculate
Favorite Activities: Chaos, destruction, death
Pet Peeve: Tedium, boredom


Veigas is a Demon from the high ranking Terre tribe. He has been known to wander to various worlds bringing destruction to all before him. He thrives on chaos and devastation and pursued and caused these things wherever he went.

Eventually he returned home and found that most of his tribe had been slain by creatures from a world known as Aernas. From then on he swore to make Aernas his next target and to bring about the end to all those who stood in the way of his goal.

Character Type: AP

1st Job Magi

Weapon: Cube

Skill Tree

Type Skill Name Req Lv Req SP Pre-Req Description
Special Blast 1 2   Veigas conjures a blast that strikes the nearest enemy within a spherical range around him
Explosive 11 2 Blast Veigas conjures a sphere a short distance in front of him that strikes with multiple blasts
Distortion 17 2 Explosive Veigas aims a sphere in two seconds that creates a large explosion after another two seconds.
Ravage 5 2   Deus creates a swirling vortex in front of Veigas that damages enemies multiple times.
Death’s Caress 8 2 Ravage Deus rapidly spins around Veigas, creating a tornado that damages enemies near him.
Overdrive 14 2 Death’s Caress Charges an aimable sphere that travels a long distance that deals large damage on impact.
Dark Frenzy 24 2   Veigas summons a small vortex in front of him that vacuums and stuns any enemy in range then explodes, knocking enemies upward.
Burning Agony 28 2 Dark Frenzy Veigas creates a large vortex around him that vacuums and stuns any enemy in range and creates a large explosion that does heavy damage.
Overload 32 2 Burning Agony Veigas fires a projectile down front that, after hitting an enemy or passing the range of the screen or so, becomes a vortex that lightly pulls in enemies then explodes for a few hits of high damage
Dark Binding 26 2   Veigas creates a dark spot beneath his feet that bind enemies when they walk over it.
Dark Barrier 30 2 Dark Binding Veigas summons a large cube that increases HP and AP regeneration and defense.
Absolute Dark 34 2 Dark Barrier Veigas creates a large field that reduces defense, cuts HP/AP/MP regeneration, and deals damage to enemies inside the field.
Black Hole 36 2   Veigas fire a small, homing projectile that, upon hitting an enemy, deals high damage and teleports said enemy directly above Veigas. Constantly pressing Z while using this skill increases its range but consumes more AP
Dark Cannon 38 2 Black Hole Veigas fires an aimable barrage of orbs. Pressing Z while using this skill adds an additional two projectiles per press but consumes more AP.
Dark Spear 40 2 Dark Cannon Veigas summons an array of spears that rain down around him.
Active Dimension Crevice 16 1   Veigas summons a dimensional portal on a spot. Pressing this skill’s hotkey after creating the portal causes Veigas to pull an enemy into a vortex that warps the enemy to the portal.
Black Shield 12 1   Veigas creates a field of darkness in front, behind, and below him that blocks 3 projectiles and also acts as a wall to enemies.
Bury 22 1   Veigas summons a mine that, when stepped on, attaches darkness to an enemy which slows them down and damages them over time.
Torment 2 1   Veigas commands Deus to swirl around him, knocking enemies into the air.
Back Step 4 2 Torment Veigas quickly floats backwards, providing a brief period of invincibility.
Advanced Back Step 7 2 Back Step During the Back Step, Veigas tosses Deus forward to attack enemies in front of him.
Advanced Jump Attack 10 2 Advanced Back Step While in midair, Veigas throws Deus diagonally downward.
Advanced Dash Attack 13 2 Advanced Jump Attack After the normal Dash Attack, Veigas pounds the enemy to the ground with Deus.
Venom 15 2 Advanced Dash Attack While dashing, Veigas fires a sphere in the opposite direction which travels a long distance.
Dimension Warp 19 2 Venom After being knocked down, Veigas instantly teleports back onto his feet.
Passive Arref 22 0   Increases Critical Hit Damage by 100% but lowers Critical Hit Chance by 3%
Byet 28 0 Arref After attacking an enemy thrice, Veigas gains a 3% damage boost.
Gymel 38 0 Byet After scoring a Critical Hit, Veigas gains an AP regeneration buff.
Darlet 22 0   Using a Technique lowers the cooldown of any Special Active by 1 second, but increases the cooldown of all Techniques by 2 seconds.
Hy 28 0 Darlet Increases the damage of all Special Actives by 5%, but increases their cooldowns. 1st bars (29 AP) are increased by 2 seconds, 2nd bars (63 AP) are increased by 5 seconds, and 3rd bars (96 AP) are increased by 10 seconds. Has no effect on Judgement Day’s cooldown. Does not stack with Jain.
Barb 38 0 Hy Veigas gains an AP regeneration buff if he has less than 30% of his maximum health.
Jain 22 0   Decreases the cooldowns of all Special Actives but increases their AP costs. Increases AP costs of all special skills but lowers their cooldown. 1st bars (29 AP) are reduced by 4 seconds, 2nd bars (63 AP) are reduced by 5 seconds, and 3rd bars (96 AP) are reduced by 6 seconds. Has no effect on Judgement Day’s cooldown or cost. Does not stack with Hy.
Het 28 0 Jain Increases the damage of all Special Actives by 10% but increases their AP costs by 25%. Has no effect on Judgement Day’s AP cost.
Tet 38 0 Het Reduces the AP cost of all Special Actives by 25%, but using Special Actives will consume 5% of Veigas’s maximum HP.
Special Skill Judgement Day 15 0   Veigas conjures a multitude of explosions around him, ending with a large spherical blast.