Basic Info:

Name: Uno
Age: Unknown
Favorite Activities: None
Pet Peeves: Blood, thirst, uncertainty


Eight hundred years ago, a great battle gravely endangered Sieghart, and he was left to die amongst the war-torn waste of Archimedia. Fortunately, by the grace of the Highlanders living deep in the ruins of Kounat, Sieghart was saved and was taught their great power before long.

Meanwhile, the demon Ashtaroth had been furiously searching for the Highlanders. By Sieghart’s recklessness, he mistakenly led an enraged Ashtaroth directly to the Highlanders, and the race was obliterated.

In the centuries that passed, blood from the Highlanders seeped from their bodies and gathered through the earth.  Every extent of adverse emotion—horror, anger, despair, enmity and hate—delivered by the hands of Ashtaroth slowly formed into a single life; the embodiment of the Highlanders’ pain and torment.

After the destruction of the Highlanders, Ashtaroth created a barrier around Kounat that permanently sealed off the area from the outside world. However, once Ashtaroth was defeated by the Grand Chase, the barrier lost its source of energy.

As Ashtaroth fell, Uno arose from the pool of Highlander blood. He possesses no knowledge of what he is or why he was born; he only realizes the hatred, horror and despair that eat away at him and the unquenchable thirst for the very essence of life… blood. He takes his first steps outside the ruins and walks as a vagabond.

Freezing and on the verge of starvation, Uno collapsed while passing through a village. Reina, a young girl from the village, had taken Uno in and cared for him. She gave him clothing, warmth, and kindness; he decided to stay for the night. But before daybreak, the blood-bound, unquenchable thirst ravaged Uno’s very soul and drove him to kill every person in the village. Upon consuming their lifeblood, he snapped out of the frenzy, realized what he’d done, and fell deep in despair.

Even with the blood of his friends coursing through him, the thirst only intensified. And yet, from far away, Uno could sense that there was somebody out there. Somebody who could explain his being, and save him and those he cared for from his monstrous existence.

Then, he headed towards Aernas.