Basic Info:

Name: Ercnard Sieghart
Age: Approximately 600 years old
Favorite Activities: Relaxation, being pampered by his servants
Pet Peeve: Training, walking, and running 


Sieghart was a master Gladiator of Kanavan long, long ago. His name was legendary and his feats in battle have been recounted in history books. He rejected all titles and awards bestowed upon him by nobility and left the knighthood to seek his own goals. While on his journey, he came upon the ruins of an ancient city and disappeared. After a year had passed, he was given up for dead and the entire kingdom mourned the passing of the legendary hero.

Hundreds of years have now passed, and rumors of a new knight appearing in the Bermesiah Empire were spreading across the continents. The man claimed to be the long lost hero, Sieghart, and presented himself at the capital of Kanavan.

While traveling through the ancient relics of the long-gone empire, he was attacked by a great demon and put into a near death state. Seeing his state, the Highlander gods revived him and trained him with their warriors making him an immortal. He has now left to join the Grand Chase.Special Abilities:

Rage Bar

Rage is a special ability exclusive to Seighart, who builds up his rage. the rage will enhance his skills.

1st Job Gladiator

Weapon: Gladius

Basic Skills (Normal)

1 Bar: Iron Crusher – Sieghart swings his blade in front of him, then brings it down for a heavy blow
2 Bar: Flame Sword – Sieghart drags his blade on the ground sending a huge purple energy wave across the screen, sending enemies flying
3 Bar: Grinding Punisher – Sieghart uppercuts with a giant purple slash twice

4th Bar Special Skill

Soul Extinction – Sieghart releases a huge burst of rage that knocks up all enemies on the map and does insane amounts of damage

Basic Skills (Rage)

1 Bar:Rage Iron Crusher – After the initial first slash, another blow is given that knocks the enemy a short distance into the air, and the final blow is done with both hands.
2 Bar: Rage Flame Sword – He sends a huge purple energy wave which is flowed by a small explosion.
3 Bar: Rage Grinding Punisher – Uses a powerful double uppercut. The second uppercut is larger than the previous

2nd Job Warlord

Weapon: Sleaghgrim

Basic Skills (Normal)

1 Bar: Savage Attack – Sieghart stabs forward with his Spear once, then sweeps the enemy into the air, slicing down with his Sword, creating a small wave of flame
2 Bar: Punisher Combo – Sieghart swings his Spear four times, slowly knocking the enemy back, then slams his Sword into the ground, making a small pillar of darkness.
3 Bar: Fire Blaster – Sieghart swings his blade twice in front of him, then throws his Spear a short distance

4th Bar Special Skill

Illusion Attack – Sieghart swings his spear above him, summoning five fiery, illusionary spears on both of his sides and sending them across the map at the 45, 60, and 90 degree angle. The spears pierce through all enemies they pass through.

Basic Skills (Rage)

1 Bar: Rage Savage Attack – Sieghart stabs forward with his Sword and Spear, then sweeps the enemy into the air, slashing them 3 times with his Sword, creating small waves of flame with each air hit.
2 Bar: Rage Punisher Combo – Sieghart stabs forward with his Spear & Sword numerous times, then slams his Sword into the ground, creating a very tall pillar of darkness
3 Bar: Rage Fire Blaster – Sieghart spins his Spear forward and throws it. The Spear has an infinite range, as it flies to the end of the map just like the Spearman’s Fire Lance. However, it travels at a much higher velocity.


3rd Job Duelist

Weapon: Rapiers

Basic Skills (Normal)

1 Bar: Rule Break – A special attack using a series of short jabs. Second command uses 5 quick slices. Third command uses 5 slices with an uppercut in the end.
2 Bar: Rising Weapon – A powerful ability that contains a powerful uppercut.
3 Bar: Dread Punisher – A deadly attack utilizes a circle filled with rapid slices, and ending with a powerful explosion.

4th Bar Special Skill

Power Liberation – Sieghart gains a buff that converts all his normal attacks into quick, rapid thrusts with decent range and great damage for 15 seconds. During this state, he cannot use other skills.

Basic Skills (Rage)

1 Bar: Rage Rule Break – A deadly attack that uses 5 quick jabs with enhanced damage. The second command uses the same 5 hits with the uppercut at the end.
2 Bar: Rage Rising Weapon – A powerful rush that utilizes a deadly uppercut followed by a downward slam.
3 Bar: Rage Dread Punisher – A chaotic attack that throws a powerful wall of dark energy followed by a destructive slam. It has massive reach, and can even hit above or behind!


4th Job Prime Knight

Weapon: Soluna

Basic Skills (Normal)

1 Bar: Highlander Assault – A powerful skill that uses Sol first to rapidly jab and slice before bringing Sol and Luna together in a final powerful blow.

2 Bar: Soul Edge – Sieghart jumps up and slashes down with his powerful Soluna, imbued with the rage within him, pinning his enemy to the ground.

3 Bar: Unlimited Blade – Sieghart moves at an incredible speed and attacks his enemies from every angle. First he uses a suction-like orb with multiple slashes, the jumps forward cutting through, then backward and ends with a powerful slam.

4th Bar Special Skill

Original Sword – Sieghart summons seven swords and sends them flying for 10 seconds. The swords then follow Sieghart as he moves, cutting across the screen vertically and horizontally, deal damage to enemies. As the skill reaches its climax, the swords attack in pairs and finish off with four at once.

Basic Skills (Rage)

1 Bar: Rage Highlander Assault – Sieghart splits his swords into two, executing several slashes ending with an upper slash. Deals more damage than the normal Highlander Sword.

2 Bar: Rage Soul Edge – Sieghart jumps and spins in the air, hitting enemies multiple times then finishes with a downward slash.

3 Bar: Rage Unlimited Blade – Sieghart summons several swords in the area in front of him then dashes through the area 10 times with lightning speed dealing powerful slashes while grabbing a sword each time. Finally while directly above the enemy he delivers a powerful downward blow..