Basic Info:

Name: Ryan Woodguard
Age: 15
Favorite Activities: Enjoying Mother Nature
Pet Peeve: Everything that destroys nature 


Ryan is a kind and cheerful forest elf who loves helping others. He will do anything he can for nature lovers, and will even play obnoxious pranks on those that threaten nature. Ever since he witnessed Kaze’aze destroy the Partusay Sea, Ryan has been driven by his rage against Kaze’aze.

Special Abilities:

Ryan is gifted with the ability to transform.

Wolf: Able to transform as a Druid, Sentinel, Viken and Vanquisher. As a wolf he will receive an Attack buff, but it will cost him his Defense and Vitality.

Nephilim: Able to transform as a Sentinel, Viken, Vanquisher. As a nephilim, he will have super armor effects and vitality bugs along with increased size.

Magnus Dan: Able to transform as Vanquisher. Magnus Dan has no buffs, but has 3 skills and increases in size.

1st Job: Druid

Weapon: Axe

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Twin Blade – Ryan swings his axe upward, knocking the opponent into the air, then swings it again to knock them away.
2 Bar: Titan Axe – Ryan swings his axe three times before leaping up and dropping a powerful shockwave that sends enemies soaring through the skies.
3 Bar: Resurrection – Ryan buffs the entire team that resurrects a player with 20% of their max health once they have fallen within 30 seconds.

4th Bar Special Skill

Heaven’s Guardian – Ryan summons a giant totem pole that spews fireballs all over the map and emits an aura that damages and pushes away enemies who come too close. Upon landing, the fireballs remain on the ground for a time, burning those who step on them and exploding after a period of time has passed.

2nd Job: Sentinel

Weapon: Jade Hook

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Backspin Slash – Ryan performs two slashes followed by a forward spin attack. The last hit will launch the opponent in the air.
2 Bar: Soul Impact – Generates an aura that damages and sends opponents flying across the battlefield.
3 Bar: Spinning Phantom – Ryan spirals forward, spinning against the enemy at high speeds.

4th Bar Special Skill

Flying Divider – Ryan launches himself vertically upwards, dealing damage to enemies that stand too close to him. He then vertically crashes down on his enemies a short while later.

3rd Job: Viken

Weapon: Scythe

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Nature Frenzy – Ryan summons up 3 thorn briars up from the ground in front of him.
2 Bar: Wild Justice – With the power of the beast, Ryan performs a quick slash forward then jumps up and slashes diagonally backward.
3 Bar: Crow Wing – With the power of the crow, Ryan throws his scythe a short distance, which then stops in place, generating a ring that rapidly spins and attacks.

4th Bar Special Skill

Spiral Rage – Ryan summons 9 large thorn briars that strike horizontally across the screen, sending opponents flying.

4th Job: Vanquisher

Weapon: Storm Blades

Basic Skills (Storm Blades)

1 Bar: Gatling Spiral – Ryan attacks with a flurry of stabs followed by a single powerful charged stab.
2 Bar: Flash Impact – Ryan performs a sweeping kick then charges a short distance while leaving a trail of magical explosions
3 Bar: Power Strike – Ryan attacks with numerous blade swings, then throws his blades at the enemy while leaping up to deliver a powerful explosion burst.

4th Bar Special Skill

Purify Storm – Ryan leaps into the air, summoning a huge glyph that draws in and damages all enemies who enter the void.

Basic Skills (Storm Pike)

1 Bar: Fatal Drive – Ryan leaps and swings twice before slicing through the opponent.
2 Bar: Furious Boomerang – Ryan throws his rapidly spinning pike forward, then it returns, like a boomerang, still spinning as it comes back while pulling enemies.
3 Bar: Xenocide Lancer – Ryan tosses three magical bolts forward, then jumps up and throws a flaming pike to the ground.

4th Bar Special Skill

Purify Storm – Ryan leaps into the air, summoning a huge glyph that draws in and damages all enemies who enter the void.