rinBasic Info:

Name: Rin
Age: 15
Favorite Activities: The villagers who took care of her
Pet Peeve: The magic tribe that destroyed her village


Rin grew up in the small village of Gaon, in an area distant and isolated from the rest of the world. The locals knew that the girl was the reincarnation of the goddess Agnecia, so they treated her with love and always protected her from any danger. Under the tutelage of the last priests of Agnecia, she became a friendly and cheerful girl radiating purity despite being a little naive, as she does not know the mysteries of the rest of the world. Trained to also become a priestess of Agnecia, her favorite pastime was playing with the gusts of wind that she was capable of commanding, probably due to her divine inheritance.

Unfortunately, on her fifteenth birthday, Rin witnessed a terrible tragedy. The date coincided with a solar eclipse that covered Aernas with darkness, thus increasing the power of evil and his followers. Out of nowhere, the village of Gaon was wiped out by a massive attack of demonic creatures. All the inhabitants fought bravely, but in the end, Rin was the only one to escape with her life, while the rest of her friends gave their lives to protect her. Behind that attack were the Evil Priests, servants of the ancient evil that sought to break free.

Alone and traumatized, Rin for the first time was taken by fury. It just made her feel the evil growing from inside her, trying to break free from the seal. Having come in contact with her dark side for the first time, the girl thought that she needed help to contain the evil that she carried within herself. Armed with her sacred fan, Rin decided that her only chance was to ask for help for the people of the great city whose stories she heard since she was a child.

Character Type: AMP

1st Job Phoenix

Weapon: Fan

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Flash of Light – Rin uses wind to push the enemy upwards.
2 Bar: Eye of the Storm – Rin uses the wind to create a devastating whirlwind that blasts all enemies in its path.
3 Bar: Final Flash of Light – Rin drops a huge sphere of massive energy onto the opponent until it passes them and explodes onto the ground.

3 Bar Secret – Rin starts to float up into the air, twirling around and absorbing blue aura while the opponent is being lifted up and greatly damaged. After the opponent is in perfect distance she reveals her one black and and one white wings while the screen flashes white and the opponent is damaged and dropped back on the ground. Can only be used while in Fatal and must have no glyph charges.

Special Skill

Ultrasonic Hymn – Rin leaps into the air and lifts her fan, summoning 8 spheres of energy and firing them. Upon contact with the enemy, the spheres explode and disperse into even more spheres that fly from the point of their origin across the map. 4 spheres then ricochet back, also exploding and dispersing if they make contact.

2nd Job Awakened

Weapon: Fan

Basic Skills (Dawn)

1 Bar: Enraged Wind – Rin releases two powerful blasts of wind from her fan.
2 Bar: Shield of Souls – Rin creates a sphere of protection that lasts for 3 seconds.
3 Bar: Restrained Light – Rin shoots out a magic marble that travels horizontally which upon hitting an enemy would cause a bind effect while being constantly damaged.

Basic Skills (Twilight)

1 Bar: Endless Strength – Rin hits twice with her fan, then hits upward before she smashes enemies caught downward.
2 Bar: Desperate Strength – Run rushes forward with a strong dark aura.
3 Bar: Screaming Gust – Rin releases the dark magic within her to unleash a huge sphere of darkness, leaving enemies continuously damaged and brought upwards.

3rd Job Chaotic

Weapon: Fan

Basic Skills

The skill trees for Dawn and Twilight receive 10 more skills and every two levels Chaotic learns a new technique.

The choice Rin has made as Awakened will continue to dictate the path she continues to take.

4th Job Chosen

Weapon: Fan

As the Chosen, Rin can transform into either a holy or demonic form depending on the path that was chosen. If the path of Dawn was chosen, then she will transform into an incarnation of the Goddess Agnesia. If the path of Twilight was chosen, then she will transform into an incarnation of the Malevolent Horde that lies within her soul.