Basic Info

Name: Mari Ming Onette
Age: Unknown (~15)
Likes: Speed reading, Things that spark her interest
Dislikes: Loud noises, Ordinary things


Mari is the last remaining survivor of an ancient kingdom once known as “Kounat.” Having lost her memory, Mari no longer remembers who she is or where she is from. Mari possesses rune casting skills and magical abilities previously unheard of in this area of the world. She is immensely curious about the unknown and fascinated by subjects new to her. While satiating her curiosity by researching the monsters found inside the Temple of Destruction, Mari found herself face to face with the Grand Chase. Having her curiosity piqued by the Highlander skills of Sieghart, Mari decides to join them.


Mari cannot reveal her thoughts to people around her since she has been alone for a long time. But for the people who she is interested in or those she likes, she indirectly shows her feelings by acting discreetly nicely. She does not talk much normally and seems as if she is deeply in thought but gets a little chatty when she is talking about something she likes. When she likes something she can’t get rid of it for a long while.

Special Abilities

Rocket Jump:

Allows Mari to jump extremely high.  Double tap left or right to dash and press up near the end (L – L – U or R – R – U) to make Mari fly upwards.  More powerful than Crossbowman’s High Jump or even the Double Jumps by Amy, Thief, Archer and Nova Classes.

Mana Shield:

A shield that protects Mari, taking away Mana instead of health.  The more bars of Mana Mari has, the longer it will protect her though any excess damage will be deducted from Mari’s Health.  The shield either lasts 10 seconds or until Mari’s mana runs out.  To activate, press X – X – Up.

Machinery Crates:

Contains various special tools that depend on the class and level of the crate which is shown on the crate.  To activate, press X – X + A + Z where A represents the number pressed.  If you do not press Z immediately, the crate explodes acting like a Mine.

Crates that can be summoned:

  • Rune Caster
    • Level 1 – A Blue cannon that shoots 6 times horizontally for a short distance.
    • Level 2 – A Red cannon that shoots 6 times with a low arc.  Burns the ground where it lands.
  • Gunslinger
    • Level 1 – A push board that pushes enemies away.  It activates when enemies come near it.  Lasts 8 seconds or until it is activated.
    • Level 2 – The triple launcher is a misnomer.  It launches two missiles upwards at a medium height.  Each missile then bursts into three warhead the rain down in the same area.  The original missile cannot will pass through enemies harmlessly.
  • Polaris
    • Level 1 – A small device that increases MP regeneration for nearby party members.
    • Level 2 – A red cannon that fires 2 sets of 3 cannonballs that burn the ground where they land.
    • Level 3 – Teleportation platform to move around the room quickly.  Mari needs to set up 2 of these to work and if a 3rd is constructed, it will remove the first.

Energetic Orbs:

Mari can summon various orbs by pressing X – X + X + Z.  These orbs last for 12-20 seconds and they are often used as projectiles or buffs depending on which orb is summoned.  Mari can dash to cancel the summon to avoid attacks.

Orb summoned:

  • Rune Caster
    • Level 1 – Blue Orb that fires slightly downwards.
    • Level 2 – Red Orb that fires slightly upwards.
    • Level 3 – Green Orb that fires at a steep downward angle.
  • Gunslinger
    • Enchants a bullet with ice that freezes target upon impact.
  • Polaris
    • Creates a Blue Orb that greatly enhances mana regen.
  • Geas
    • Creates 3 small blue orbs that enhances mana regeneration by a small amount.  When hit, the orbs disappear and instantly grant Mari half an MP bar.

Machinery Summon:

Mari can summon machines to assist her in battle.  These are different for each job and can be activated by pressing X – X + X + A.  These last for 20 seconds and take about 5 seconds to make, but with no cooldown.  These machines can randomly fail on rare occasions.


1st Job – Rune Caster

Weapon: Grimoire

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Buster – Mari conjures a poweful magic burst from her grimoire that launches the enemy far away.
2 Bar: Shock Field – Mari throws a grenade, which deploys into a generator that emits powerful lightning and then explodes into abyssal.
3 Bar: Eraser – Mari summons a destructive construct, which travels forward firing a chaotic laser that may drag smaller enemies.

4 Bar Special Skill

Deadly Test – Mari gains a 20 second buff that alters her stance change. She can summon Level 1 Cannons with no delay that fires in a tri-shot that travels a fair distance and stays on the field for a fair time. Her Protection turns red and deals more damage. Her W.D.W. last for 10 more seconds

2nd Job – Gunslinger

Weapon: Maverick

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Shock Wave – Mari fires in the ground, causing two bursts of fire to come up from the ground.
2 Bar: High Power Rush – Mari summons a missile box, and releases the missiles by stomping on the button. The missiles perform an aerial arc movement before exploding on the ground forward Mari.
3 Bar: Chaos Beam – Mari conjures a highly destructive blaster supported by a Red Power Ranger and a Yellow Power Ranger that carries the blaster. Mari then inserts her Maverick into said blaster and fires a rainbow colored beam, then the Power Rangers strike a pose and leave in a puff of smoke.  

4 Bar Special Skill

Ultimate Weapon – Mari gains a 15 second buff that allows her Maverick to fire without overheating. Her bullets are also able to travel the whole length of the map, give off an electric discharge upon contact, and cannot be blocked.

3rd Job – Polaris

Weapon: Magic Mallet

Basic Skills

1 Bar: No Mercy – Mari swings the mallet like a golf club, which causes a heavy knockback. All opponents struck by the blow will be implanted with a bomb which explodes prior to crashing upon land (Note: If the target is delayed in the air for approximately 7 seconds, the bomb mark will wear off. Also, delay or lag may prevent its activation)
2 Bar: Call of Ruin – Mari calls forth a runic circle with an eye that summons dark claws to attack the opponents.
3 Bar: Extinction – Mari conjures a slow-moving crystalline ball that travels forward at a fair distance and drags opponents before exploding in multiple ice shards that freeze the opponent.

4 Bar Special Skill

Absolute Power – Mari summons her helper KORMET, who draws in all nearby enemies before releasing into a huge electrical field. Note: In PvP, the suction effect of this skill targets opponents’ feet with a magic rune that teleports enemies nearby KORMET; In dungeons, the attraction field will repel the monsters instead of drawing them in.

4th Job – Geas

Weapon: Soul Taker

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Backlash – Mari’s special skill that makes an enemy fly vertically forward with the swing of the Soul Taker.
2 Bar: Charged Bolt – Mari’s special skill that envelops the Soul Taker around her body, forming an electrical circle that gives constant damage and electrocutes enemies who fall within a specific region.

Note: Charged Bolt will move SLIGHTLY to the right in the damage process.

3 Bar: Freeze Tempest – Mari’s special skill that uses strong, magical power to summon pieces of ice which are shot down from the sky, inflicting great damage and freezing enemies who are hit.  (Note: Has approximately a full screen range)

4 Bar Special Skill

Core Break – Mari’s Soul Taker orbits around her and each fires an upward laser. The huge amount of magical residue causes a fallout that inflicts damage over time to all enemies on the map.