Lire_render_Basic Info:

Name: Lire Eryuell
Age: 15
Favorite Activities: Anything related to spirits
Pet Peeve: Monsters (especially the ugly ones)


Elves from Eryuell Island are famous for their combat skills, but are naturally pacifistic and try to avoid being involved in human conflicts. However, in recent years, the war of humans expanded across the entire continent and a series of bizarre incidents occurred. The elves decided to end their isolation and cooperate with humans. Working together, the elves and humans discover that Kaze’aze is the one wreaking havoc across the continent.

To return peace to Eryuell Island and the continent, the elves decided to continue investigating Kaze’aze, and formed the Elven Corps to combat her evil. Lire is a member of the Elven Corps who has joined the Grand Chase on behalf of the elves.

1st Job: Archer

Weapon: Bow

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Big Shot – Lire shoots five arrows simultaneously.
2 Bar: Colossal Rain – Shoots multiple basic arrows upward, which rain back down on the sides.
3 Bar: Shooting Star – Shoots out a volley of arrows that spiral over the entire screen.

4th Bar Special Skill

Sudden Raid – Lire summons two elven archers who flank her side and shoot spiraling arrows similar to her Shooting Star skill. Lire then performs her Colossal Rain skill to barrage her enemies with arrows.

2nd Job: Crossbowman

Weapon: Crossbow

1 Bar: Quick Shot – Lire fires 4 bolts to the left and to the right in a fan formation.
2 Bar: Beat Rush – Lire kicks forward a straight distance as if her whole body were an arrow.
3 Bar: Dive Bombing – Lire fires a horizontal piercing bolt forward that travels at a fair distance at high velocity, but slows down as it hits the enemy to allow multiple hits.

4th Bar Special Skill

Catastrophe – Summons a glyph a fair distance away from her that traps enemies who come into its range. She then fires a series of rapid bolts to push her target into the glyph, where upon explosion of the glyph’s core causes a storm of arrows to burst outwards in all directions.

3rd Job: Arch Ranger

Weapon: Great Bow

1 Bar: Hyper Shot – Lire fires a long arrow that travels across an infinite horizontal distance while passing through any target.
2 Bar: White Wind – Lire performs a whirlwind attack by rapidly spinning, using her bow as a melee weapon.
2 Bar: Chakra – Lire shoots mighty arrows into the sky which rain back downward simultaneously on her sides, dealing heavy damage on impact.

4th Bar Special Skill

Big Shot – Lire fires a long, horizontal arrow that drags her target along with it as it traverses the length of the map, dealing damage over time. The arrow then explodes, dealing damage to those caught in the explosion.

4th Job: Nova

Weapon: Composite Bow

1 Bar: Charging Shot – Lire rams her target with her shoulder, then rapidly fires three arrows, followed by a slightly more powerful arrow.
2 Bar: Blood Rain – Lire fires red arrows skyward which then opens up two vortexes above and to her side to rain down more bloody arrows.
3 Bar: Burst Shoot – Lire rapidly fires fifteen arrows at once, followed by more arrows that explode on contact.

4th Bar Special Skill

Void Shot – Lire fires three arrows, each capable of creating a void upon contact that draws the enemies in, dealing damage over time. The direction of her three shots can be controlled at any point while the skill is being cast.