Basic Info:

Name: Lass Isolet
Age: Unknown
Favorite Activities: Unknown
Pet Peeve: His past


Lass’s mind and body was freed from Kaze’aze’s possession after the Grand Chase vanquished Kaze’aze’s evil from the world. Although he wasn’t in control of his actions, Lass still felt guilty when he realized that his body was used as Kaze’aze’s vessel to devastate the continent and kill countless innocents. The members of the Grand Chase understood that Lass was determined to right his wrongdoings, and allowed him to join them on their journey to restore peace to the continent.

1st Job: Thief

Weapon: Daggers

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Thunder Slash – Lass throws a wave of energy forward.
2 Bar: Evil Attack – Lass performs a jab that has a 50% chance of dealing severe or minor damage.
3 Bar: Final Strike – Lass leaps back while throwing numerous deadly energy waves to the ground.

4th Bar Special Skill

Dread Breaker – Lass creates a ball of high density, swirling energy that is formed into a shuriken and hurled at his foes. The attack travels fast across the map but slowly through enemies. Upon contact, Lass teleports behind the target and flings a second Dread Breaker from behind.

2nd Job: Assassin

Weapon: Scimitar

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Frenzy Sword – Lass sweeps low twice followed by a high swing that launches enemies upward.
2 Bar: Splash Explosion – Lass uses the chain on his left arm to strike and pull the enemy in front of him.
3 Bar: Dearly Sharp – Lass vanishes into a smoke silhouette and dashes forward a short distance, striking all in his way, then teleports back to his original spot at the climax of the skill.

4th Bar Special Skill

Shadow Vanish – Lass vanishes into shadow just as chains erupt from the darkess to ensnare 5 nearby enemies, dealing damage over time. He then strikes all 5 simultaneously before reappearing at his original location.

3rd Job: Dark Assassin

Weapon: Claws

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Invisible State – Lass turns invisible for 15 seconds. Hits that make contact with the enemy cause him to lose his cloak, but gains the Ambush buff which increases his damage for 3 seconds.
2 Bar: Hyper-Sonic Step – Lass rushes forward with a series of extremely fast slashes.
3 Bar: Unlimited Blade – Lass performs numerous quick slashes, then slips behind his foe and claws them repeatedly from behind

4th Bar Special Skill

Space Divide – Lass does a series of extremely fast and powerful slashes that spans the entire screen. 

4th Job: Striker

Weapon: Nodachi

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Laser Cutter – Lass slashes once then slices forward while cutting a straw training dummy
2 Bar: Phantom Blade – Lass rapidly slashes forward then ends off with another slash.
3 Bar: Blade Spirit – Lass enhances his blade with ghastly energy that triples its length, then performs two upward slashes and one powerful downward slash.

4th Bar Special Skill

Quick End Slash – Lass rushes diagonally upward across the whole map in one swift and powerful slash, knocking down and heavily damaging all enemies in his way.