NewElesisSaviorBasic Info:

Name: Elesis Sieghart
Age: 15
Favorite Activities: Intense battles
Pet Peeve: Easy Battles 


Elesis is a Kanavan Knight and daughter of a Kanavan Tracker who never returned after he was dispatched to find Kaze’aze. She is an exceptional swordsman who has been trained by her father since childhood. While she was on a journey to find her father, she heard news about Kaze’aze in the Serdin Kingdom. Hiding her true identity, Elesis joins the Grand Chase in hopes of finding her father.

Special Abilities


When Elesis gets hit by an arrow or kunai, a small meter will appear. Once that meter fills up, she will activate Berserk and all those around her will be sent upward and back down, suffering a small bit of damage in the process.

1st Job: Knight

Weapon: Sword

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Mega Slash – Elesis thrusts three times followed by a powerful downward slam
2 Bar: Sonic Wave – Elesis shoots a powerful energy wave from her sword
3 Bar: Air Spiral – Elesis throws a sword wave upward followed by a downward dive

4th Bar Special Skill

Braver – Elesis generates an aura that deals burst damage and gains a 20 second buff that alters her moveset.

2nd Job: Spearman

Weapon: Spear

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Ground Break  – Elesis twirls her spear and slams it into the ground
2 Bar: Tornado Swing – Elesis spins horizontally with the spear, hitting enemies in front and behind.
3 Bar: Dragon Slash – Elesis ignites and hurls a burning spear across an infinite horizontal distance, reaching

4th Bar Special Skill

Lance of Spirit – Elesis thrusts her spear forward to pierce all enemies in a very long horizontal straight line, dealing damage, inflicting a damage over time flame, and causing knockdown

3rd Job: Sword Master

Weapon: Giant Sword

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Power Break – Elesis performs a wide, heavy cleave that knocks her opponents away.
2 Bar: Blade Beam – An advanced version of the Knight’s Sword Fire; Elesis sends a powerful beam forward while also throwing a smaller weaker beam backward.
3 Bar: Dragon Dive – An advanced version of the Knight’s Critical X; Elesis sends a blade beam angled upward followed by a downward drop that transitions into a powerful slam

4th Bar Special Skill

Chaos Judgment – Elesis jumps and slams her giant sword into the ground, causing the land underneath her to erupt into a pillar of fire, damaging enemies who come too close. Medium-sized pillars of fire also appear beneath all enemies on screen, dealing damage over time 

4th Job: Savior

Weapon: Ssanggeom

Basic Skills

1 Bar: Round Crash – Elesis swings both swords then slams downward.
2 Bar: Fated Circle – Connecting the two ends of her swords together and twirling them, Elesis forms a spinning flame wheel and then throws it.
3 Bar: Chaos Savior – Elesis rapidly spins like a “ballerina of death” then throws energy waves downward.

4th Bar Special Skill

Annihilate – Elesis jumps up and slams down onto the ground, creating a large violent shockwave that she harvests with her Ssanggeoms. She twists the shockwaves into a whirlwind before sending it at her opponents, trapping them inside the spiraling tornado for 15 seconds. The attack homes in on enemies.