Basic Info:

Name: Arme Glenstid
Age: 15
Favorite Activities: Magical Research
Pet Peeve: Interference with her magic research


Arme is a cheerful mage from Serdin, the Kingdom of Magic. She became a member of the Violet Mage Guild, the greatest guild of the Serdin Kingdom, at an early age. She has mastered both Black and White Magic, but her curiosity for magic is still insatiable. After learning about Kaze’aze’s powerful magic, Arme decided to join the Grand Chase, hoping to encounter the Queen of Darkness.

Special Abilities:

Black/White Magic

Arme is unique for having a total of 6 skills rather than just a set of 3 through Black and White magic. Black Magic focuses on debuffs and destructive abilities while White Magic focuses on buffs, but still lethal


Whenever Arme stands still for a few seconds, she will recover mana.


All of Arme’s dashes are teleportation, allowing her to phase through most obstacles or an enemy. During this state, she is intangible and impervious to damage, allowing her to not only warp through targets but makes her nearly invincible.

1st Job: Magician

Weapon: Staff

Basic Skills (Black)

1 Bar: Stone Curse – Arme throws a petrification wave that turns the enemy into stone while dealing a massive amount of damage.
2 Bar: Lightning Bolt – Arme shoots a straight line of lightning sparks that has infinite range.
3 Bar: Meteor – Arme showers the entire field with meteors. The vertical effects are dependent by the position, but have infinite horizontal range.

 Basic Skills (White)

1 Bar: Saver – Arme creates a shield that protects for one hit.
2 Bar: Land Scamper – Arme uses magic to reverse gravity, raising enemies on an infinite vertical axis upward from the ground and then dropping them, dealing high damage
3 Bar: Cure – Arme restores the health of party members within range, herself exluded.

4th Bar Special Skill

Electric Spark – Arme summons an electrical storm to barrage all enemies around her with lightning.

2nd Job: Alchemist

Weapon: Pot

Basic Skills (Black)

1 Bar: Booby Trap – Arme deposits a small land mine that is invisible to all opponents. It explodes when stepped on, dealing small damage and knocking them upward. For 15 seconds, if no one steps on it, the mine will explode on its own.
2 Bar: Cloud Kill – Arme drops a poisonous green cloud that lingers around for 10 seconds, damaging and slowing down anyone upon contact. It deals more damage when enemies go near the cloud’s center.
3 Bar: Big Bomb – Arme launches a single bomb that creates a powerful explosion.

Basic Skills (White)

1 Bar: Cure – Arme restores health by 7% of the max HP value of nearby party members as well as herself.
2 Bar: Saver – Arme summons a protective shield to nearby party members as well as herself. The shields nullify most, if not all, damage but only lasts one hit.
3 Bar: Booby Trap – Arme scatters five bombs in a fan-like method, any enemy caught in the bombs are highly likely to land and bounce in another one and so forth. Like the regular Booby Trap, all of the bombs are invisible and explodes dealing moderate damage, but go off after 7 seconds.

4th Bar Special Skill

Death Field – Arme conjures from her pot and hurls a giant bomb a short distance away from her. After a while, the bomb explodes releasing 7 smaller mines to litter the field. Stepping on the mines causes it to explode, dealing damage and causing knockdown. The mines will explode on its own after 15 seconds.

3rd Job: Warlock

Weapon: Lamp

Basic Skill (Black)

1 Bar: Tornado – Arme calls forth the power of Slyph to construct a short ranged tornado to deal light damage and push enemies away.
2 Bar: Fire Ring – Arme calls forth the power of Salamander to create an aura that triples the user’s defense power for 15 seconds, making her invulnerable.
3 Bar: Blizzard – Arme calls forth the power of Undine to cast a blizzard over a wide area, damaging enemies.

4th Bar Special Skill

Chain Rush – Arme calls forth the power of Slyph, Salamander, and Undine consecutively to barrage all enemies on the screen with wind, fire, and ice. Slyph pulls in enemies, Salamander does consecutive damage, and Undine freezes 

4th Job: Battle Mage

Weapon: War Staff

Basic Skill (Black)

1 Bar: Fire Bust – Arme creates a fire pillar, pushing enemies away.
2 Bar: Shockwave Force – Arme surrounds herself with a curtain of lightning, damaging anyone around and above her, and inflicts Paralyze
3 Bar: Deep Impact – Arme spawns numerous large flaming boulder-like meteors all over the screen, dealing massive damage over the entire field.

Basic Skill (White)

1 Bar: Ice Ball – Arme throws a snowflake at the enemy that travels a fairly long distance in a straight line, freezing anyone caught in the attack
2 Bar: Freezing Spear – Arme summons a wave of ice from the ground, hurling enemies skyward.
3 Bar: Air Blast – Arme shoots a massive blast of wind that has infinite horizontal range. However, the further away from the opponent she is the less damage the skill will do.

4th Bar Special Skill

The End – Arme summons 10 massive meteors that slowly fall vertically. Upon contact with the ground, the meteors explode and leave behind a trail of fire that damages all enemies who stand on it.