Welcome to the Grand Chase Beginner’s Guide! This tutorial will take you through some of the basics of the game. Here’s what you can expect once you’ve logged into the game with a new account.



Server Select Screen

On the Server Select Screen, you can do one of two things:


  1. You can select the server you would like to play on. Choose one and click Connect to Server.
  2. Or you can choose Practice Mode. This option allows you to try playing a character and even their advanced job before getting it for your player’s account. Here you can play one-on-one against a computer character of your choosing.



Practice Mode Character Selection Screen

Character Creation

  1. When playing on a new account, the first thing you’ll need is a character. After connecting to a server, select a character.si-beginnersguide_06
  2. Once you click on a character, you will be prompted to type in a nickname. When you’ve entered in a name, click Complete. This will be your in-game name for all characters you create on your account.si-beginnersguide_08
  3. Ready to start playing? Select the character you would like to play and click Confirm Selection.si-beginnersguide_10

Tip! First-time players will be asked to take the Tutorial. If you want to take the Tutorial, click Yes. However, if you click No, you will not be asked to take the Tutorial again.


Purchasing New Characters

You can create up to 5 characters for free. Adding an extra character will require a Character Slot Ticket, which you can purchase using VP or K-Ching (in-game cash).

  1. Click the + symbol to the right side of your 5th character.
  2. Choose your desired payment option and click ‘Buy’si-beginnersguide_14 si-beginnersguide_16

*Please make sure to select your characters carefully. Once you select a character, you will not be allowed to delete and remake the character.

User Interface

Once you have selected a character, you will enter the world map or dungeon selection area. In the picture below, the map of the first continent Serdin is shown. You can click ‘See World Map’ to access other continents, which will be unlocked one by one as you advance in the game. Read on and get familiar with the interface of Grand Chase.


  1. Main Tabs
    • Dungeon. The story of Grand Chase progresses through dungeon play. The default display shows the continent and dungeons you’re able to play in your character’s level. Click a dungeon’s icon to start playing there.
    • PvP. Select this tab if you want to play against other players.
    • K-Ching Shop. Select this tab if you want to go shopping for armor, accessories, pets, pet food, and more. Here you can choose between K-Ching or VP as your mode of payment (cannot be combined). Alternatively, you can find some of the same items in the GP Shop and buy them using GP.
    • Coordishop. This is where you can buy coordi items for your character. A coordi is a type of item that you can equip on top of your regular armor. Coordis are also known as skins or cash outfits.
    • Inventory. Check this section regularly to know what items are in your character’s possession. You can also change armor or outfits from here.
    • Skill Tree. Here is where you can learn and modify what your character is capable of in battle. Don’t forget to assign skills to your skill slots!
  2. Mail / Inbox. This is where you will find messages and rewards from the system. Make sure to check whenever the icon blinks.
  3. Menu. Click here to find other sections and features of Grand Chase, categorized into Contents, Events, Community, and System.
  4. GP Shop. Buy useful items for your character using GP. GP is the name for the game’s basic currency that you can earn by playing dungeons and PvP.
  5. Chat. This is the fastest way to connect with other players. The default setting is ‘General’, which means any message you type in will be viewable by other players within the game server. Other settings are Guild and Whisper (individual player). System messages are also shown here.
  6. Megaphone. You can purchase Megaphones from the K-Ching Shop and use it to send out server wide messages.
  7. Event Dungeon. Here is where you can find special dungeons that are available for a limited time.
  8. Hero Dungeon. Typically for advance level players, the special dungeons found here present greater challenges and unusual rewards.
  9. Hero’s Shop. You can buy elite items using Hero’s Bullions in this shop.


Playing a Dungeon

Enjoy the story of Grand Chase as you play through dungeons in different parts of the world! To complete a dungeon, simply defeat all the monsters in it.

  1. Click on a dungeon icon on the map.
  2. Click ‘Quick Join’ to join a random room, or ‘Create Room’ if you want to play on your own.
  3. Each room can have up to 4 players. You can choose to keep the room open to other random players or invite friends.
  4. Once you and your companions are ready to enter the dungeon, click ‘Start’ or press F9.
  5. At the start and end of a dungeon, you can read through exchanges between members of the Grand Chase. You can speed through them by skipping (Z) or closing their dialogue (X).


User Info Display
When you select Inventory, you will see information about your character on the right side of the screen. Find out what each component means.



  1. IGN, Level, and Character Class
  2. Bonus count. This bonus is also known as extra lives.
  3. EXP. This gauge shows your progress towards achieving the next level.
  4. PVP Wins, Losses, and Victory ratio
  5. Guild. Once you join a guild, the info appears here.
  6. K-Ching balance. (Same for all your characters) Clicking ‘K-Ching Charge’ brings up the K-Ching Load Up page, where you can purchase K-Ching using real-world money.
  7. VP balance. (Same for all your characters) You can acquire VP through participation in events in-game. Use them to buy stuff from the shop.
  8. GP count. GP is Grand Chase’s basic game currency that you can earn by playing dungeons and PvP. You can buy stuff with it in the GP Shop.
  9. P-Points count. P-Points can be earned from checking your Attendance, and may be used to buy various items.
  10. Gem count. Gems count as a multipurpose kind of currency. Use these to create certain items in the Forge, or to feed to your pet. Each gem costs 1000 GP in the GP Shop.
  11. Hero’s Bullion count. You can buy elite items using these in Hero’s Shop. Earn some Hero’s Bullions by completing Hero Dungeons.