PVP Starter Guide

Got a taste for competition? Then the Player Versus Player Arena is for you! It’s easy enough to get familiar with the Grand Chase PvP system, but it’s up to you how high you want to go up the ranks.

PvP Modes

1. Fight / Versus. This is your typical fighting match where functions such as HP, MP and AP run the same as they would in the dungeons.

2. Fatal Death Match. Players who accept this challenge are in for a tough encounter. At the start of this match you will have 0 HP, and MP and AP recovery is switched off. Additionally, since MP and AP cannot be recovered, special skills cannot be used.



  • To start playing PvP, click on the PvP tab. This will take you to the PvP lobby, where you can view all PvP rooms or the ones waiting for players to join. The first thing you need to do is create a room or join an existing one created by another player. To join a random room, click ‘Quick Join’.
  • In the PvP lobby, you will also find a chat box that lets you connect with other players who may be looking to join a room. It’s set to General by default when you want your message to be read by everyone. You can switch to Whisper or Guild to chat only with your friends.





How to Create a PvP Room

1. Click ‘Create Room’ then type in a room name. You may also nominate an optional password if you don’t want random players to be able to enter. Important: Never use your account password as a room password!


2. If you want to keep the room open to any player but want to level the playing arena, you can also choose settings, such as restricting certain ranks or characters from joining.

3. Once you’re in the room, share the room password with your friends with whom you’ve agreed to play this round of PvP so that they can join you.

Options in the PvP Room

Once you’re inside the PvP Room, you can continue setting it up with various options.


1. PVP Mode. Choose Fight or Fatal Death Match. You can also choose between the following options:

  • No Items Match or Item Match – Refers to the type of items dropped during the match
  • Team Match or Free for All – Team match can be 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, or 3 vs. 3, while survival against all others is the objective in free for all.

2. Close Slot. You can close (or open) slots to limit the number of participants. Click on the slot to open and close.

3. Select an Arena. You can choose the backdrop of your PvP encounter.

4. Select a Team.Take sides—Team Serdin or Team Kanavan? However, you can only switch sides if the other team has an empty slot.

All set? Press Start, and may the best player win! Once you’ve gotten the hang of playing PvP, you’ll find that there’s more to it than meets the eye. For instance, certain features such as potions and dodge skills are switched off, while MP recovery maximum is only 25%, making it even more of a challenge than regular dungeons. Keep practicing to find your most effective playing style. Also, in PvP, nearly nothing’s worse than meeting short-tempered players, so always keep a cool head!