The great adventure story of Grand Chase is a journey through the different continents in Aernas that unfolds one dungeon at a time. In each continent, you will find a series of dungeons that you may choose to play according to missions that will be given to your character. Missions and dungeons go hand-in-hand in uncovering this heroic tale.

How to Enter a Dungeon | Missions

How to Enter a Dungeon

1. When you’re logged in with a character, the continent map is shown by default. To start playing a dungeon, click a dungeon icon.

gcv2_dungeon_1a. Default Map

gcv2_dungeon_2b. Click Dungeon

2. Next, you must either click Quick Join or Create Room. Here, a room is where you gather with other players and prepare to play a dungeon. Quick Join lets you enter a room created by another player.

c. either you click Quick join or Create room

3. When creating a room, you can set the name, password (optional), and the difficulty level. You may also leave the password blank to let other players join you at random. Important: Never input your account password as a room password.

d. Set the name, password (optional) and the difficulty level

4. Once you’re in the room, you can then wait for other players to join you or you may choose to play the dungeon by yourself. When you’re ready to play the dungeon, press Start or F9. Then proceed to defeat all monsters in every stage!

e. Press Start or F9


Missions exist to guide you through this adventure and keep you on the right track. Be sure to check your missions in between dungeon runs! There are 2 ways to access your mission list.

  • Go to Menu and on the Content row, click the Missions icon.
  • On the continent map, certain dungeons will be marked with a ‘Q’ or ‘!’ icon. If you create a room at that dungeon, you will receive a Mission involving the said dungeon. Click the button ‘Acquired Mission’ to view your Mission list from here.

Once you have completed a Mission’s requirements, you can clear it from your list and move on to the next one. Click ‘Done’ below the mission details to receive your reward.

There are different types of missions in Grand Chase. Keep an eye on Epic missions as these are the ones that support story progression. Meanwhile, other missions may be acquired through Mission Scrolls. Certain missions will help you acquire useful items and even help you advance to your character’s next job.