Seal Breaker Gacha

Mystical sealed gems that contain powerful artifacts can be found all over Aernas. Break the seals to unlock these powerful relics!

Gacha Basics

Before you can play Seal Breaker Gacha, you need 2 things:

1. Sealed Gem – Acquire some through dungeon drops, or buy some from the Academy Section in Shop for 1000 GP each. Each hero can only get sealed gems of the color associated with them—Sealed Red Gem for Elesis, Sealed Teal Gem for Uno, and so on.

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2. Seal Breaker Scrolls – Purchase these from the K-Ching Shop.


Once you have these, you can start breaking the seals to obtain the items inside the gems! You may find armor and accessory pieces of a featured set, among other useful items.

There are 2 types of Seal Breaker Gacha:

1. Equipment Gacha

  • Features normal gear that you can wear as Equips or Accessories, depending on the part.
  • Stats on the equipment is based on the level acquired. (Lv. 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80)
  • The required number of Seal Breaker Scrolls to break open the seal varies according to the level you select.
  • Required numbers of Seal Breaker Scrolls have been adjusted. Lv. 10/20/30/40 requires 1 Scroll, Lv. 50/60 requires 2 Scrolls, Lv. 70 requires 3 Scrolls, and Lv. 80 requires 4 Scrolls.

2. Coordi Gacha

  • Features Coordi gear and has the same number of parts as Equipment Gacha.
  • No level requirement.
  • Coordi items have Season 5 stats.

Remember: The featured set may change every few weeks, so always check before you play gacha.

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Sample Armor

si-sealbreakergacha_22 si-sealbreakergacha_24 si-sealbreakergacha_26 si-sealbreakergacha_28 si-sealbreakergacha_30

Sample Accessories


How to Play Seal Breaker Gacha

To get started, click on the Menu and select the Seal Breaker Icon.


  1. Select the Level for which you want to acquire the items.
    • You can play the Seal Breaker Gacha for the character currently selected. To change it first, go back to the Menu and click the Select a Character icon.
  2. Click on Unseal Armor or Unseal Accessory.
    • Tick the Auto Release box to automatically open the gems, one after another. Keep in mind that Auto Release will only stop when you’ve run out of Seal Breaker Scrolls or Sealed Gems, or you have collected all the items.
  3. Once you’ve acquired all the Armor, select a weapon as your reward.
  4. Once you’ve acquired all the Armor and Accessories, you’ll receive the Pet!