Get started on crafting weapons, armor, materials, pet cards, and event items for your selected character. The Forge System in Grand Chase lets you do all these with ease.

Enter the Forge

  • You can find the Forge from Silver Land onward.
  • You can also find the Blacksmith when you’re in the Park, and you can forge or dismantle items through him.si-forgingsystem_04

Forge Interface

The Forge window has two (2) main tabs: Forge and Dismantle.


Look through the tabs and lists on the left column to see which items are available to craft.

  1. Click on an item from the forge list, and its image will be shown on the right side, along with the required materials and cost (in GP).
  2. Once you have all the requirements to create the item you want, press Start. The resulting item will be shown in the slots at bottom right.
    *Keep in mind, certain items are character specific and will not show the same for all characters. For example, if there is an event item in the Forge for Uno, log on to your Uno character and check the Forge for the itemsi-forgingsystem_06


The grid on the left side will show the items from your inventory that can be dismantled.

  1. Click on the items you want to take apart to move them to the grid on the upper right corner.
  2. Press Start and the chosen items will be dismantled one by one.
  3. The resulting materials will be shown in the boxes at bottom right.