Style and customize your Grand Chase characters using items from the Coordishop! Coordi items are wearable pieces that go over the armor (equips) you are currently wearing. This system lets you experiment with different set looks and even mix and match. Start browsing by clicking the Coordishop tab.

Coordishop Basics

There are a few fundamental things you should know about Coordishop items.

  • All items from the Coordishop have been updated so that each one comes with Season 5 stats.
  • Each piece will have an Effect based on what part it is. For example, all Head/Helm pieces will have Vitality +40, and all Glove pieces will have Attack +40.
  • Additionally, there are set bonuses depending on how many Coordi pieces you have equipped (4/8/10/12 pieces). All these bonuses stack. So if you have 8 Pieces on, you’ll get the Hell Spear +300 and Special Attack +250.
  • Most items are only available for purchase using the cash equivalent in-game. Load up on K-Ching and get the coordis you like.
  • All Coordishop items are Epic at the moment.
  • Coordi packages are usually available at a discount, while individual coordi pieces are sold at regular price.

Coordishop Interface


  • In the Coordishop, you can try items on before you buy them. Just click on an item’s picture and you will see your character wearing it in the preview window to the right.
  • Current Outfit displays current equipped armor, while Remove All displays the character without armor.
  • Check out Coordishop Packages on the upper left corner. Click the package icon to try it on your character. Click the red triangle icon to see the contents of the package.
  • Use the search box to find specific items, or sort the items on display.

Hero’s Shop

Special coordi items may also be purchased using Hero’s Bullion, which you can earn by completing a run of a Hero Dungeon. Click the Hero’s Shop icon at the bottom right corner of the map.


Ten (10) Hero’s Bullion Fragments are equivalent to one (1) Hero’s Bullion.

si-coordishop_06 si-coordishop_08
Hero’s Bullion Hero’s Bullion Fragment