The Character Separation update in Grand Chase assigns a separate inventory to each of your characters. By allowing you to send particular items to a certain character’s inventory, this change may help you manage your growing collection of items better.
How to Use the Temp Warehouse
Many of the items that were in your inventory have been moved into the Temp Warehouse. From here, you can move your selected items to the inventory of your chosen character. Moving items is quick and easy!

Finding the Temp Warehouse
You can open the Temp Warehouse from the Character Selection Screen.
Click on Temp Warehouse.

Moving Items
Click on the item you want to move and just drag it over! You can also mouse right click on the item to add it into the inventory quickly.

For items that are more than 1 piece, you can specify how many of these you want to move into the selected character’s inventory!
  • Item Click
  • Click on the Reset Button
  • Select the number of items you would like to move
  • Click OK

Confirming the move
Here GM Kumiho is moving a SP Reset Card and Grade 12 Refinery Scroll

After clicking Confirm in the Temp Warehouse, she goes to check Lime’s Inventory.


Bonus Tip! A Hidden Function
Click on [Move Remaining Items] to move up to 100 items at 1 time.
1. Click on Move Remaining Items


2. The items left in the Temp Warehouse have been moved over to Lime’s Inventory and the Move Remaining Items button has disappeared!