Get rewarded by showing your commitment to the Chase! The Attendance System gives out useful rewards to Grand Chase players who have completed the required minutes for the day. Extra special items will be given to those who have perfect attendance for the week and the month as well.

Check your Attendance!

  • Open the Menu and select the Attendance icon (the one with a check mark).
  • On the Attendance window, you can see the current month’s calendar and the year, your daily attendance for the current month, as well as the play time counter that counts the hours, minutes, and seconds from the time you logged in.
  • You can also see your attendance stamps for each day of the current month. Weekly Rewards can also be found on the rightmost column, and the Monthly Reward button at the bottom.
  • Once you have been logged in with a character for at least 30 minutes, you will be able to check your character’s attendance for the day. Click the Check button to receive P-Points (attendance points) and a Champion Mode Ticket.

Attendance Stamps

You will see different stamps on your attendance calendar, depending on whether or not you’ve logged in and the amount of time you’ve stayed in the game for each day of the month.

Check Stamp 
– Given once you’ve stayed in the game for 30 minutes and confirmed  your attendance for the day. To confirm your attendance, click the Check button in  the calendar.
si-attendance_08 Triangle Stamp – You will automatically receive this stamp for the day if you logged into the game but did not stay for 30 minutes.
si-attendance_10  X Stamp – This stamp marks the days you did not log into the game.



Four kinds of rewards may be acquired when you use the Attendance System.

  • Daily Rewards – After confirming your attendance and acquiring a check stamp, you will receive a Champion Mode Ticket and 100 P-Points. You can exchange the P-Points for certain items in the shop.
  • Weekly Rewards – If you have no X Stamps for the entire week, you will be able to click on the corresponding button to get your reward.
Reward (Random) Period/ Quantity
Black Seraphim Circlet
4 Days
Black Seraphim Wings
4 Days
Black Seraphim Stompers
4 Days
Black Seraphim Shield
4 Days
Seal Breaker Scroll


  • Monthly Rewards – You rightfully deserve a monthly reward if you do not have an X Stamp for the entire month. You will receive a Monthly Attendance Reward Chest.

Monthly Attendance Reward Chest contains all of the following:

Item Name Quantity
Monthly Attendance Coordi Chest 1
Refinery Protection Scroll 5
Special Refinery Scroll 5


Monthly Attendance Coordi Chest contains all of the following:

Item Name Contents Period
Monthly Attendance Coordi Chest
[Skin] Guardian Knights Helm

15 Days

[Skin] Guardian Knights Upper Armor
[Skin] Guardian Knights Lower Armor
[Skin] Guardian Knights Gloves
[Skin] Guardian Knights Shoes
[Skin] Guardian Knights Cloak