You do not have to spend anything to enjoy Grand Chase. Creating a KOG Games account and downloading the game are free! Nevertheless, Chasers have the option to power up and customize characters with items made available to them through the K-Ching Shop, also known as the Cash Shop. K-Ching is the in-game currency that is directly converted from cash payments.

Browsing the K-Ching Shop

1. Click the K-Ching Shop tab to view cash items. These are grouped into categories. Try to look through each category to get familiar.


2. You can click on armor, some accessories, and sets to try them on your character. Remember: A coordi item covers or appears over armor equipment when you put it on.

3. Also keep in mind that many new limited sales will appear under the Academy tab, so make sure to check back often.


Loading Up K-Ching

  1. In the K-Ching Shop, you can see your K-Ching balance beside the coins symbol. To add K-Ching, click the K-Ching Charge button.si-cashshop-3
  2. Doing so opens your account management page in a web browser. Login and proceed.
  3. Select a Purchase Method or payment option, and select the amount of K-Ching you want to purchase.
  4. Proceed to check out. You should see the K-Ching amount added to your balance when you get back to the game.

Purchasing an Item

  1. Once you have your K-Ching, you can start shopping in-game. Find the item you want, and click the Buy button.
  2. Click the K-Ching Payment button.
  3. Click on Buy, and then click OK.si-cashshop-8