KOG Games may sometimes release coupon codes that you can redeem in-game. First, you’ll need to have that coupon code ready!

1. Login to our website and go to Account Management at https://myaccount.elswordonline.com/  (This is where you can access your KOG Games account information at the moment.)


2. Once logged on to your account, select Transaction History.
si-redeemingcoupons_043. Under the Transaction History tab, select Coupon History. Check the Transaction History List for the coupon you’re looking for, then select and copy the 16-digit coupon code. (Alternatively, you can keep the Coupon History page open in your browser or write the code down on a piece of paper for reference.)
si-redeemingcoupons_064. Log into Grand Chase with your character.

5. At the top right corner of the screen, click MENU, then the PARK icon to enter the Park.

si-redeemingcoupons_08 si-redeemingcoupons_10

6. Find and click on the redemption NPC, Pudding the Blue Cat.

7. Select the appropriate event, type or paste the coupon code in the appropriate field and click Enter.
si-redeemingcoupons_00 8. Click OK to receive the item/s.