Go to My Account page (https://myaccount.elswordonline.com) and login. Type in the registered username and password then click the login button. Remember you must not share your login information to anyone. If you have not registered, click here.


Click on the ‘Customer Support’ link at the top right-hand corner of the page or enter this URL http://support.elswordonline.com.



The first screen you will see is the Customer Support Page main page as well as access to other sections listed on the upper left menu. Click on ‘Ticket List’ to access the Ticket management section.

Here you can immediately see the list of tickets in your account’s inbox. To view a Ticket’s details or summary, click on a Ticket ID.




Create a new ticket by clicking on the ‘Create A Ticket’ button under the Contact Us box in the main screen.

In the create new ticket page, you will then be asked to select the type of ticket you would like to file. Below are the categories and sub-categories available:

Billing Related Support

  • Billing Issues
  • Payment Mode Issues
  • Item Mall Purchases Issues
  • Billing/Payment Inquiries
  • Transaction Issues

Account Related Support

  • Account Information
  • Account Cancellation
  • Account Security/Account Compromise/Hacked Account
  • Forgotten Account Data
  • Account Penalty Inquiry

Technical Support

  • Crashing
  • Display
  • Downloader
  • General Troubleshooting
  • Graphics and Sound Issues
  • Hardware and Incompatibility Issues
  • Installation Issues
  • Latency and Connectivity Issues
  • Login
  • Patching Issues
  • Website

Report A Player

  • Ad Spammer
  • Bad Name/Guild Name
  • GM Impresonation
  • Hacker/Glitcher
  • Harassment
  • Misconduct
  • Scamming

Game Related Support

  • Bug/Glitch
  • Character/Class Informatio
  • Contest
  • Events
  • Gameplay Hints
  • Interface Information
  • Item Information
  • Item Mall
  • Location Information
  • Non-Player Character (NPC) Information
  • Quest Information
  • Report Hack/Cheats/Exploit Information
  • Report Phishing/Scam Websites
  • Rewards


  • Content Update
  • Customer Support
  • General Game Play
  • Suggestions
  • Knowledgebase Submission
  • In Game Events

After placing the subject/title and selecting the category/sub-category, state your detailed concern in the space provided in details. Try to be as clear and accurate as possible. Attach your screenshots as proof. Check the email notification for a copy of the ticket to be sent to your registered email. Click on ‘Send Ticket’ button to submit your ticket.


Once the form for the ticket has been properly completed and submitted, you will see a summary of the ticket details created in your ticket list. To find out what has happened with your concern, visit your ticket list regularly and view your ticket status. You will be able to see the final response and resolution given by the Grand Chase agent.