Grand Chase is now on Steam! When playing through the Steam portal, you access the same version of the game available to players in the United States, Canada, European and Oceanian countries, and any other territories without exclusive publishing services. Please note that the game may not run in some countries.

To play Grand Chase on Steam, you must have a Grand Chase (KOG Games) account that you can link to your Steam account. Downloading the game and loading up on K-Ching are also somewhat different in this case.


  1. Downloading via Steam
  2. Linking an Existing Account
  3. Loading Up K-Ching


1. Visit the Grand Chase page on Steam.


2. Click the ‘Play Game’ button.


3. Choose the directory location where you want the game client installed and click “Next”,gc-steam-03 4. Specify if you would like shortcuts created or not, and then click “Next” to proceed with the download.gc-steam-04
5. Wait for the disk space allocation to complete.
6. Click ‘Finish’ once the system has confirmed the download.

7. You can check the download status from your Steam Games Library.


8. When downloading is complete, click the ‘Play’ button. The Grand Chase login window appears. If you want to create a new Grand Chase account, click ‘Register Now’ and proceed with the sign up and email activation steps. If you want to link your existing Grand Chase account to your Steam account, see the next section below.

The first time you launch Grand Chase via Steam, log on with your existing Grand Chase account. You should then be able to launch the game and play right away.


  • Account Migration from GameRage. If you have a GameRage account that is not migrated yet, you must migrate it first to a KOG Games account before logging in and downloading the game in Steam, in order to keep your old characters. If you don’t have an existing KOG Games account, you need to create one hereAccount Linking Steps for GC Players Migrating from GameRage

How to Migrate Your Account:

1.Visit the GC Migration Center and login with your KOG Games account.

2. Click the Gamerage button to migrate your GC Gamerage account to your KOG Games account.


3. Enter your GameRage username and password in the appropriate fields to migrate your Gamerage account. Check the tickbox to agree and click Confirm.


4. You have now successfully migrated your Gamerage account.


5. Go to Steam and link your KOG Games account (where you migrated your GameRage account).


You’re now ready to play!

  • Only one Grand Chase account can be linked to one Steam account.
  • The Grand Chase account you used will now be permanently linked to your Steam account. It will automatically log in whenever you launch the game from your Steam Library.
  • You may still use the said Grand Chase account to log on via the regular client.

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1. Click on the K-Ching Shop tab on the Grand Chase screen.


2. To load-up K-ching, click on the ‘K-Ching Charge’ button to open the Purchase K-Ching page.


3. Click on your preferred K-Ching denomination.


4. This opens the Steam purchase page, where you can use your Steam Wallet credits to pay for your K-Ching purchase, or ‘Add Funds’ if your Steam Wallet balance is insufficient. If you are new to Steam, you may be asked to submit your credit card or PayPal info and have the option to save your details for next time. (For more info, check out this Steam Wallet guide from Steam Support.)


5. If the purchase is successful, a confirmation page with the transaction details appears.
6. Close the load-up page and go back into the game. Your balance should reflect your newly-purchased K-Ching. You will also receive a purchase confirmation message via the email address linked to your Steam account.gcgamestaem3

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