K-Ching Compensation!

February 23rd, 2015

Attention Chasers,

The K-Ching compensation will go into full swing this week. However, there will be some updates and minor changes as to how currency distribution will take place.

As many of you remember, we had announced that all players who purchased items in Grand Chase using K-Ching, would receive 100% of the K-Ching spent to be used in the other games that KOG Games publishes. That being said, one of the major talking points was with how to best make this compensation work in Elsword without adversely affecting a very delicate in-game economy.

Elsword, being very different from Grand Chase in how the in-game shop functions, has a market where buying and selling K-Ching items is possible between players. Due to the very sensitive balance of this economy, migrating a vastly different game culture and entire economy directly from Grand Chase over to Elsword would adversely tip the balance. Both the Dev Team and KOG Games has done their best to come up with a way to offer Grand Chase players full compensation without adversely effecting the existing, established Elsword economy. This discussion is the major reason that it’s taken so long to get back to all of you as well. So, a brand new 1:1 K-Ching currency exchange will occur in the form of “Link Up Cash”, and will display in-game as such. This new currency has been created specifically for this Elsword event.


How do I spend my new “Bonus K-Ching”?

A brand-new, custom “Link Up“ Shop Interface is being introduced. Once in game, open the K-Ching Shop and look for the Link Up shop tab. All Bonus K-Ching purchases will be made within this new shop option.

For information regarding, Welcome to Grand Chase events in Elsword, please click HERE

Thank you for your patience and see you soon in Elsword!

-Grand Chase Team

*Compensation will be based on K-Ching purchased between 4/3/2014 until 1/29/2015 6:00 PM PST
*K-Ching acquired via events, contests and surveys will not qualify