Going Out with a Bang!

February 12th, 2015


Join us for a few final dungeon runs, for old times’ sake. Catch the EXP Bonus and more turns in Hero Dungeons, plus the return of Land of Judgment and Awakening Coordis. Seize the day, Chasers!

Grand Chase Finale

Duration: 2/12/2015 – 4/15/2015 (Ends 9:00 PM PDT)

1. EXP Bonus

Want to make it to Lv. 85 and experience higher level content? From today until the end, play to get 2x Bonus EXP and fast-track your rise to greatness!

2. More Hero Dungeons

Feeling a bit restricted on how many times you can complete Hero Dungeons? The numbers of times you can enter Hero Dungeons per day have increased. Play them to your heart’s content!

Hero Dungeons Before Now
Sanctum of Destruction 2 20
The Crucible 2 17
Wizard’s Labyrinth 3 24
Berkas’ Lair 1 24


3. More Event Dungeon Tickets

You wanted more Event Dungeon Tickets and we’re here to give you more! Log in each day and check attendance to receive 10 Event Dungeon Festival Tickets. Read up on these event dungeons here!

4. Cash Shop Update

Now that you have 1,000,000 VP what will you spend it on? Get back to the Shop—we’ve brought back old items and added a few new ones!

Shop Item Price (VP )
Perfect Miracle Summer Coordi Package 1490
Perfect Lovely Miracle Coordi Package 1490
Miracle Coordi Weapon Chest 990
Unicorn Necklace 550
Unicorn Anklet 270
Unicorn Ring 550
Unicorn Mask 550


Awakening Sets

Character Package Name Price
Set Effects
Amy Demon Huntress Coordi Package 1190 A special stage for Amy will appear when idle
Demon Huntress Coordi Package(w/ Weapon) 2000
Lime Blood Knight Coordi Package 1190 Lime’s skill effects change.
Blood Knight Coordi Package
(w/ Weapon)
Veigas Desert Bandit Coordi Package 1190
Desert Bandit Coordi Package
(w/ Weapon)
Rufus Bloody Hunter Coordi Package 1190 When the full set is equipped, Eyeteeth changes colors.
Bloody Hunter Coordi Package
(w/ Weapon)

5. Land of Judgment Returns

There’s no better time to face the ultimate test. Overthrow Harkion in the Land of Judgment!