Ultimate Weapons and New Coordis for Rin & Edel

December 4th, 2014


Two lovely young ladies of the Grand Chase get their ultimate weapons. The fair-haired Rin and Edel will sure be craving for these! Also, new coordi packages are now available for both characters. Get in the game today!

Rin’s Ultimate Weapon Event
Duration: 12/5/2014 – 12/11/2014 (Ends 6:00 PM PST)

Edel’s Ultimate Weapon Event
Duration: 12/12/2014 – 12/18/2014 (Ends 6:00 PM PST)

  • Log in during the event period to receive a ‘Forging the Ultimate Weapon 1’ mission each for Rin and Edel.
  • For each of these characters, complete part 1 and 2 of the missions to receive an Ultimate Weapon Blueprint 1 and 2.
  • Take these items to the Forge to create an Ultimate Weapon Sealed Chest for your character.
Materials Needed Reward
si_rinandedel_1Ultimate Weapon Blueprint 1 (1 pc.) si_rinandedel_2Ultimate Weapon Sealed Chest
(1 pc.)
si_rinandedel_3Ultimate Weapon Blueprint 2 (1 pc.)
si_rinandedel_4Gem (1000 pcs.)

*Forge can be found on all continents (except Serdin and Kanavan) or accessed in Park by clicking on the craftsman.

*For Edel’s forge materials, Type 2 versions of the Blueprints will be required.

Rin’s Ultimate Weapon Sealed Chest Edel’s Ultimate Weapon Sealed Chest
si_rinandedel_5[Skin] Savory Pizza  si_rinandedel_6[Skin] Yummy BBQ
  • Special Dungeon Drop: Ultimate Weapon Essence – Only Rin and Edel have the chance to find this limited item by playing dungeons. Tip: Try Berka’s Lair for best results!

Note: The following will be removed at the end of the event—All Forging the Ultimate Weapon missions, all Weapon Crafting Blueprints, and Ultimate Weapon Essence.

New Coordi Sets for Rin and Edel!

Rin’s Martial Arts Master and Edel’s Cardinal Royal Guard Coordi Packages have arrived. Shop now!

si_rinandedel_8 si_rinandedel_7


Shop Item Price Item Name Stats
Martial Arts Master Coordi Package
(No Weapon)
 1275 K-Ching [Skin] Martial Arts Master Hair VITALITY +40
[Skin] Martial Arts Master Top DEFENSE +50
[Skin] Martial Arts Master Skirt CRITICAL_DAMAGE_UP +3%
[Skin] Martial Arts Master Gloves ATTACK +40
[Skin] Martial Arts Master Shoes DEFENSE +50
[Skin] Martial Arts Master Belt All_STAT +17
Martial Arts Master Coordi Weapon 990 K-Ching  [Skin] Martial Arts Master Fan CRITICAL_DAMAGE_UP +3%
Cardinal Royal Guard Coordi Package
(No Weapon)
1275 K-Ching  [Skin] Cardinal Royal Guard Hat VITALITY +40
[Skin] Cardinal Royal Guard Jacket DEFENSE +50
[Skin] Cardinal Royal Guard Skirt CRITICAL_DAMAGE_UP +3%
[Skin] Cardinal Royal Guard Gloves ATTACK +40
[Skin] Cardinal Royal Guard Shoes DEFENSE +50
[Skin] Cardinal Royal Guard Cloak All_STAT +17
Cardinal Royal Guard Coordi Weapon 990 K-Ching [Skin] Cardinal Royal Guard Rapier CRITICAL_DAMAGE_UP +3%