Monster Train 301

December 4th, 2014


Grand Chase travels to the Underworld in hopes of saving the soul of Ronan’s good friend Harpe, who unfortunately met his sudden end at the hands of the evil Ashtaroth. Get your passenger tickets and let’s go!

Monster Train 301
Encore Dungeon

Monster Train 301 Elite Class Tickets (Golden Ticket):

  • Elite Class Tickets will allow you to access the hidden stage!
  • To acquire, defeat the Golden Slimes that randomly appear in dungeons

Dungeon Difficulty

  • Test your skills on any one of the difficulties!
  • Hell Mode: Potion and Resurrections are restricted

Potential Rewards


Monster Train Attendant Set with Accessories

Dungeon Rewards Special Rewards Basic Rewards
Mournful Passenger
Monster Train Attendant
Monster Train Security Personnel
Escaped Prisoner
Casey Bones
Epic Death Furnace 301
Relic Death Furnace 301
Pet Casey Bones Card
[Upgrade] Ghoul Train Attack
[Lv 30] Attendant’s Uniform Chest
[Lv 50] Attendant’s Uniform Chest
[Lv 70] Attendant’s Uniform Chest
[Lv 30] Attendant’s Accessories Chest
[Lv 50] Attendant’s Accessories Chest
[Lv 70] Attendant’s Accessories Chest
Crew Uniform Chest Coupon
Crew Accessories Chest Coupon
Underworld Conductor
Monster Train 301 Elite Class Ticket
Reinforcement Stone
Reinforcement Stone Chest
Premium Transmutation Scroll
Grade 10 Refinery Scroll
Grade 11 Refinery Scroll
Grade 12 Refinery Scroll
Refinery Protection Scroll
Reinforcement Release Scroll
Grade 13 Refinery Scroll
Grade 14 Refinery Scroll
Grade 15 Refinery Scroll
Fusion Coupon
Socket Gem
Choco’brick Bar
HP Potion (L)
Mystery Potion (L)
Ellia’s Precious Pearl
Xenia’s Precious Pearl
Silver Land’s Precious Pearl
Archimedia’s Precious Pearl
Alcubra’s Precious Pearl
New Silver Land Monster Card Box
Archimedia Monster Card Box
New Ellia Monster Card Box
New Xenia Monster Card Box


Set Effects

Armor Set Effect
2set EXP + 8.8%
3set Life +165
4set Defense +165
5set HP Absorbing Power +300
6set MP Absorbing Power +300


 Accessories Set Effect
2set GP + 18.8%
3set Life +165
4set Special Attack +199
5set Arena Time +4%


  • Want specific pieces of armor? Use the Forge!
Forge Armor Parts Forge Material Required Coupons Per Level
Lv. 30 Lv. 50 Lv. 70
Chest of Headwear Crew Uniform Chest Coupon 6 7 10
Chest of Blazers Crew Uniform Chest Coupon 6 7 10
Chest of Bottom Wear Crew Uniform Chest Coupon 5 6 9
Chest of Gloves Crew Uniform Chest Coupon 4 5 7
Chest of Shoes Crew Uniform Chest Coupon 1 2 3
Chest of Cloaks Crew Uniform Chest Coupon 2 3 5
Chest of Headsets Crew Accessories Chest Coupon 5 6 9
Ches of Neckerchiefs Crew Accessories Chest Coupon 6 8 12
Chest of Spurs Crew Accessories Chest Coupon 5 6 9
Chest of Armbands Crew Accessories Chest Coupon 3 4 6
Chest of Masks Crew Accessories Chest Coupon 5 6 9


  • Acquire the Underworld Conductor Crest by clearing the dungeon 100 times. (Any difficulty)
Crest Stats Attribute 1 Attribute 2
Underworld Conductor Attack : 81
Defense : 82
Life : 82
Critical + 1.2% Attack  + 5%