Massive Coordishop Update

December 19th, 2014

ab-4_coordishop-EventHi there, Chasers! Awesome new items arrive at the Coordishop today. Check out the Ethereal Knight Coordi as well as some cute and casual gear, including a bunny headband, white tee and jeans. Go shopping today!

Coordishop Items Price
Ethereal Knight Coordi Armor Package*
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Helm
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Upper Armor
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Lower Armor
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Gloves
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Shoes
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Cloak
1190 K-Ching
Ethereal Knight Coordi Acc. Package*
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Circlet
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Wings
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Stompers
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Shields
[Skin] Ethereal Knight Mask
850 K-Ching


Coordishop Items Price
[Skin] Wavy Hair/Long Hair** 300 K-Ching
[Skin] Midriff Top/Topless with Battle Scars** 250 K-Ching
[Skin] Black Daisy Dukes/Black Shorts** 250 K-Ching
[Skin] Short Hair 300 K-Ching
[Skin] White Tee 250 K-Ching
[Skin] Jeans 250 K-Ching
[Skin] Bunny Headband 200 K-Ching
[Skin] Garland 200 K-Ching
[Skin] Skull Face Mask 200 K-Ching
[Skin] Kitty on Top 200 K-Ching
[Skin] Hypnotic Eyes 200 K-Ching
[Skin] Hip Hop Big Head 600 K-Ching
[Skin] Gold Chains 200 K-Ching
[Skin] Boombox 150 K-Ching

*Ethereal Knight sets come with Relic stats. In Dungeon and PvP rooms the character animation and weapon will change when the set is equipped. The look of Hell Spear will also change.

**Names vary depending on Female or Male characters.