Awesome Event Dungeon Festival

December 19th, 2014


How about a holiday challenge? Seven event dungeons return to further test your mettle in Grand Chase. Check attendance to get your tickets. It’s go tie!

Awesome Event Dungeon Festival

Begins December 18, 2014

  • All 7 event dungeons are now open. You can enter any one of them using the Event Dungeon Festival Ticket.
  • You can get 3 Tickets for checking your attendance 30 minutes after logging in. (3 per attendance check, per character)
  • At any given moment, you can only hold up to 5 Tickets in your inventory.
  • Additionally, Tickets cannot be moved into the warehouse.
  • Missions that pertain to each dungeon in previous releases are no longer available.
 fi_sbgacha_8  fi_sbgacha_9
Dungeon 1: Nightmare Circus Dungeon 2: Monster Train 301
 fi_sbgacha_10  fi_sbgacha_11
Dungeon 3: Hungry Pets’ Revolt Dungeon 4: Moonlight Village
 thumbnail_angryboss  fi_sbgacha_12
Dungeon 5: Angry Bosses          Dungeon 6: Talin’s Revenge
Dungeon 7: King Slime Land

Dungeon 3: Hungry Pets’ Revolt


  • Stats are normalized regardless of character level and equipment.
  • Potions and Resurrects cannot be used.

Potential Rewards

  • Acquire Gold Coins by protecting as much of the food as possible.
Remaining Food Gold Coin Count
0~2 ea 1 ea
3~4 ea 2 ea
5~6 ea 3 ea
7~8 ea 4 ea
9~10 ea 5 ea
11~12 ea 6 ea
13~14 ea 7 ea
15~16 ea 8 ea
17~18 ea 9 ea
19~20 ea 10 ea
21~22 ea 11 ea
23~24 ea 12 ea
25~26 ea 13 ea
27~30 ea 14 ea
  • Players have a random chance of acquiring Pet Purrthos Card.
  • Use the Gold Coins to forge a Purrthos’ Anklet Chest.
  • Players also get a chance to receive one Serdin’s Gratitude Gift Box. It may contain any of the following items:
Refinery Protection Scroll Grade 14 Refinery Scroll
Premium Transmutation Scroll Grade 15 Refinery Scroll
Reinforcement Release Scroll Grade 16 Refinery Scroll
Delicious Turkey Grade 17 Refinery Scroll
Sparkling Cider Pet Thommo Card
Pumpkin Pie Pet Sarimanok Card
Grade 10 Refinery Scroll Pet Rocco Card
Grade 11 Refinery Scroll Pet Hanana Card
Grade 12 Refinery Scroll Pet Duelly Card
Grade 13 Refinery Scroll

Dungeon 4: Moonlight Village


  • Clear the dungeon for a chance at the following rewards!
  • You can also craft a higher level Moonlight Village Ring at the Forge.
Reward Name Description
Moonlight Village Ring Chest Open for a ring for the character of your choice.
Moonlight Village Earrings Chest Open and forge for upgraded earrings
Moonlight Village Mask Drops per character
Fox’s Jewel Fragment Use for forging upgraded earrings
GP Random Prop Reset Form Hell Mode Only


Forge Result Required Materials
[Lv 30] Moonlight Village Ring [Lv 10] Moonlight Village Ring Fox’s Jewel Fragment x 15
[Lv 50] Moonlight Village Ring [Lv 30] Moonlight Village Ring Fox’s Jewel Fragment x 40
[Lv 70] Moonlight Village Ring [Lv 50] Moonlight Village Ring Fox’s Jewel Fragment x 90


Ring/Stats ATK VIT
[Lv 10] Moonlight Village Ring 54 23
[Lv 30] Moonlight Village Ring 124 53
[Lv 50] Moonlight Village Ring 203 87
[Lv 70] Moonlight Village Ring 283 121

Dungeon 5: Angry Bosses


  • Angry Bosses dungeon is for level 80+
  • Defeat each boss to acquire Hero’s Bullions and Reinforcement Release Scrolls.
  • Make your way to the end to defeat Void for a chance to acquire Eclipse or Transcendence.
  • Once you acquire both Eclipse and Transcendence, take them to the forge to create an Eclipse and Transcendence accessory.