New in Super Gacha: Raven & Archangel

November 20th, 2014

This week’s Super Gacha update will make you feel like flying. The question is whose wings would you like to have—a raven or an angel? Why choose, when you can play for both? Complete the Raven and Archangel sets from Seal Breaker Gacha!

Super Gacha: Raven Soul & Archangel

Also Available: Sia, Rui, Aslan, and Devilion

How to Play Super Gacha
Just like the typical Seal Breaker Gacha, you need Seal Breaker Scrolls and Sealed Gems to play Super Gacha. Sealed Gems are bound to each character, and you can obtain Sealed Gems exclusively for the character you’re currently playing. Seal Breaker Scrolls are available in shop for K-Ching. Start playing gacha by going in game and selecting Seal Breaker Gacha under Menu. Click ‘Unseal’ to receive armor or accessories. You will receive additional rewards when you complete a set.
Raven Soul Celestial Guard
 ravensoul1  celestialguard 1
 ravensoul2  celestialguard 2
 ravensoul3  celestialguard 3
 ravensoul4  celestialguard 4
 ravensoul5  celestialguard 5
 ravensoul6  celestialguard 6
 ravensoulacc1  celestialguardacc 1
 ravensoulacc2  celestialguardacc 2
 ravensoulacc3  celestialguardacc 3
 ravensoulacc4  celestialguardacc4
 ravensoulacc5  celestialguardacc5
Reward: WeaponComplete the Armor set to get the weapon of your level.
 ravensoulweapon  celestialguardweapon
Reward: PetComplete the Armor and Accessory set to get the corresponding pet.
petravencardPet Raven Card petarchangelcardPet Archangel Card
Available Skills100 Times for 15000 GP; 500 Times for 80 K-Ching
stormyrainStormy Rain judgmentJudgment