Super Encore Gacha: Sirius, Rexion, Annie & Momo

October 23rd, 2014


Beloved pets Sirius, Rexion, Annie & Momo return to SB Gacha in this awesome Super Encore event. Complete the set of equips and accessories to get the corresponding pet. Grab some Seal Breaker Scrolls today!

Super Encore Gacha: Annie & Momo, Sirius, and Rexion

How to Play Super Encore SB Gacha
Just like the typical Seal Breaker Gacha, you need Seal Breaker Scrolls and Sealed Gems to play Super Encore SB Gacha. Sealed Gems are bound to each character, and you can obtain Sealed Gems exclusively for the character you’re currently playing. Seal Breaker Scrolls are available in shop for K-Ching. Start playing gacha by going in game and selecting Seal Breaker Gacha under Menu. Select the Gacha set you would like to play for and the level of the equipment you would like to acquire. Click ‘Unseal’ to receive armor or accessories. You will receive additional rewards when you complete a set.
Equips Roster
Annie & Momo | Marionette Encore Sirius | Dog Star Encore Rexion | Dark Rexion Encore
 si-encoregacha_1  si-encoregacha_2  si-encoregacha_3
 si-encoregacha_5  si-encoregacha_4  si-encoregacha_7
 si-encoregacha_9  si-encoregacha_6  si-encoregacha_11
 si-encoregacha_13  si-encoregacha_8  si-encoregacha_12
 si-encoregacha_14  si-encoregacha_10  si-encoregacha_16
 si-encoregacha_19  si-encoregacha_12  si-encoregacha_21
 si-encoregacha_23  si-encoregacha_18  si-encoregacha_28
 si-encoregacha_25  si-encoregacha_13  si-encoregacha_26
 si-encoregacha_27  si-encoregacha_15  si-encoregacha_28
 si-encoregacha_29  si-encoregacha_17  si-encoregacha_30
 si-encoregacha_31  si-encoregacha_20  sbta79519_1


Reward: Weapon
Complete the Armor set to get the weapon of your job level.
 sbta112290_1  si-encoregacha_22  sbta79414_1
Reward: Pet
Complete the Armor and Accessory set to get the corresponding pet.
si-encoregacha_32Pet Annie & Momo si-encoregacha_33Pet Sirius si-encoregacha_34Pet Rexion
Available Skills
100 Times for 15000 GP; 500 Times for 80 K-Ching
si-encoregacha_35Momo Bomb si-encoregacha_36Falling Star si-encoregacha_37Dragon Flame