Seal Breaker Gacha Encore: Devilion

October 8th, 2014

Devilion returns to Seal Breaker Gacha. Now’s your chance to complete your Soul Extortion set and get the menacing pet as your adventure buddy!

Seal Breaker Gacha Encore – Devilion
Duration: 10/8/2014 – 10/23/2014 (Ends 6:00 PM PDT)

How to Play SB Gacha Encore
To play Seal Breaker Gacha, you need Seal Breaker Scrolls and Sealed Gems. Sealed Gems are bound to each character, and you can obtain Sealed Gems exclusively for the character you’re currently playing. Seal Breaker Scrolls are available in shop for K-Ching. Start playing gacha by going in game and selecting Seal Breaker Gacha under Menu. Select the desired character and level for which you need the items. Click ‘Unseal’ to receive armor or accessories. You will receive additional rewards when you complete a set.

Devilion Seal Breaker Gacha Rewards

List of Armor and Accessories
All Characters [Skin] Soul Extortion Hair
[Skin] Soul Extortion Jacket
[Skin] Soul Extortion Pants/Skirt
[Skin] Soul Extortion Gloves
[Skin] Soul Extortion Shoes
[Skin] Soul Extortion Cloak

All Characters

[Skin] Soul Extortion Circlet
[Skin] Soul Extortion Wings
[Skin] Soul Extortion Stompers
[Skin] Soul Extortion Shields
[Skin] Soul Extortion Evil Mask
  • Complete the armor set to receive a Soul Extortion Evil Weapon [Skin] of your level!
  • Collect the full armor and accessory set to receive the Pet Devilion Card!

Pet Devilion Card



Use this item to summon your own Pet Devilion! This pet’s skill item is now available for purchase using GP or K-Ching at the Shop.

Pet Skill Price
 si_deviliongacha_2 Hand Crusher (100 Times) 15000 GP
Hand Crusher (500 Times) 80 K-Ching