Super Gacha: Aslan

September 12th, 2014

article_image_4Whether you need to complete one of the two previously released sets or simply want in on the new one, you simply gotta play Super Gacha. Pet Rui of Mad Tea Party fame and the chilling Pet Sia return along with the new pet, the golden lion Aslan, in this release of Super Gacha! Take your pick and collect the set!

Super Gacha: Sia, Rui, and Aslan
Duration: 9/11/2014 – 9/25/2014 (Ends 6:00 PM PDT)

How to Play Super Gacha
Just like the typical Seal Breaker Gacha, you need Seal Breaker Scrolls and Sealed Gems to play Super Gacha. Sealed Gems are bound to each character, and you can obtain Sealed Gems exclusively for the character you’re currently playing. Seal Breaker Scrolls are available in shop for K-Ching. Start playing gacha by going in game and selecting Seal Breaker Gacha under Menu. Click ‘Unseal’ to receive armor or accessories. You will receive additional rewards when you complete a set.
Sia Encore Rui | Mad Tea Party Encore New!
Aslan | Liones
 si-aslan_2  si-aslan_3  sbta1546680
 si-aslan_4  si-aslan_5  sbta1546690
 si-aslan_6  si-aslan_7  sbta1546700
 si-aslan_8  si-aslan_9  sbta1546710
 si-aslan_10  si-aslan_11  sbta1546720
 si-aslan_12  si-aslan_13  sbta1546730
 si-aslan_14  si-aslan_15  sbta1548551
 si-aslan_16  si-aslan_17  sbta1548530
 si-aslan_18  si-aslan_19  sbta1548540
 si-aslan_20  si-aslan_21  sbta1548550
 si-aslan_22  si-aslan_23  sbta1548520


Reward: Weapon
Complete the Armor set to get the weapon of your level.  si-aslan_24  si-aslan_25  sbta1547980
Reward: Pet
Complete the Armor and Accessory set to get the corresponding pet. si-aslan_26Pet Sia si-aslan_1Pet Rui aslanPet Aslan
Available Skills
100 Times for 15000 GP500 Times for 80 K-Ching si-aslan_27Frozen Tooth si-aslan_28Open Your Heart sbta1546440Golden Roar